How We Work

National HR Framework

Aligned HR understands that Australian businesses need to operate on the forefront of innovation, but they also need reliability. Reliability that comes from years of experience and research that drives to the heart of what influences success in a business - its people.


Using the National HR Framework HRF101, a national standard developed by the HR Coach Research Institute in collaboration with various operationally focused members of industry, Aligned HR is able to work with businesses to align the individual activities of its people with the strategic direction of the business.


While every business is different, any business that employs people is in the people business. Aligned HR is able to tailor its tools and methodology to suit the needs of any sized business in any location.

Strategic Action Model

Strategic Action Model

Based on every expanding research, the Strategic Action Model shows that the relationship between Strategy and Action is key to business success.


We work with businesses to align their people strategy and action, positioning them for growth.

STAR Workplace Program

STAR Workplace Program

The STAR Workplace Program is a proprietary tool of the HR Coach Network which benchmarks businesses against the Strategic Action Model and the National HR Framework to identify pain points and help position the business for growth.

Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC Personality Profiling

Using the Everything DiSC, Aligned HR is able to help businesses build more effective relationships, both internally and externally and improve the quality of communication in the workplace.