Same same but different!

Whilst all businesses are different, any business that employs people is in the people business...

Aligned HR is a Human Resources consulting firm offering strategic and operational advisory services to small to medium businesses.  We're passionate about providing systems, processes and coaching that is relevant to your needs, at the forefront of best-practice and backed by extensive research.  We live our values, building honest, trusting and committed relationships with our customers and merge seamlessly into their strategy for long-term success.  


At Aligned HR, we understand that long-term business success is governed by the ability for businesses to get the three P's right.....People, Performance and Profit.  



Australian businesses, on average, spend 65% of their revenue on payroll.

Understanding what influences employees to actively engage in the business' success unlocks value and directly improves the bottom line.


Performance is ultimately what drives success. Distinguishing the key drivers to performance and maintaining accountability positions a business to add real value across all processes.


Businesses build strategic plans but often drift from their objectives when everyday business life interferes. Linking their strategic intent to their everyday activity positions them for sustainable growth.

Aligned HR